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Burial or Cremation with Alex Willis Funeral Home

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Burial or Cremation
Choosing between burial or cremation is a very personal decision, many factors can influence this – the religion of the deceased, family tradition or the personal preference of the deceased.

Once you have decided between either a burial or a cremation please let the funeral director know as the necessary paperwork will need to be ordered.

The most common form of burial would take place in either a local cemetery or a churchyard, depending upon certain regulations and availability you would have the choice between a new or existing grave. If you decide upon a burial you would need to either have the funeral service in a church beforehand or in the cemetery chapel (if there is one at the specified cemetery).

New Grave
When purchasing a new grave (from the local authority) you will purchase the exclusive right of burial, this gives you the ownership of the grave, therefore no other burials can take place in this grave without your permission.

Existing Grave
If you or a member of your family already own a grave we would need the “Grave Deed” relating to the grave in question.

If there is a local churchyard in your parish where you would like the burial to take place we would need to contact the incumbent of the church to seek permission for the burial to take place.

If you decide upon cremation you can either have the whole funeral service at the crematorium or at a church beforehand with the committal taking place at the crematorium.

Cremated Remains/Ashes
Once the cremation has taken place the ashes can be collected from the crematorium the following day (if you would prefer us to do this please let us know).
There are several options available to you for the final resting place of the ashes. Please visit our memorial page for these.

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