When Does a Coroner Get Involved?

Coroners become involved when:

  • A doctor hasn’t attended the deceased during their last illness
  • Cause of death is unknown
  • The death occurred during or following an operation
  • Was due to industrial disease
  • Death was sudden or unexpected
  • Was suspicious or unexpected
  • There is a suspicion of violence or neglect
  • Was in suspicious circumstances
  • Happened in Police custody or in prison

In most cases the Coroner’s involvement is a formality and an examination would take place to determine the cause of death.

A death cannot be registered until the Coroner has issued the necessary paperwork to the Registrar. Once the Registrar has received this, they will contact you to register in the normal way.

Coroner’s Inquest

When death is not due to natural causes or is the result of an industrial disease an inquest may be held, the Coroner’s Officer will keep you informed of this procedure.

The Coroner will register the death after the inquest has taken place, in the meantime the Coroner will issue ‘Interim Certificates’ these will act in the same capacity as Death Certificates.  The Coroner will also issue the necessary paperwork for either a burial of cremation to take place.

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